• Ian Lancaster

DermaSaver - The Best!

DermaSavers to wear on the body, for example arm or leg protectors - protect frail weak skin from damage which can be easily caused on older fragile skin. Wearing DermaSavers arm tubes or leg tubes though, will help to protect exposed body areas of the body that are prone to pressure injury, skin tears, erosions and lacerations. DermaSaver protects the skin from external forces that cause damage. Shear forces and friction are substantially reduced when wearing DermaSaver

Existing skin tears, ulcers or sores are also helped to heal by using DermaSavers by protecting the damaged area without restriction and allows for air flow over the wound. DermaSaver leg and arm tubes are self-supporting and will always spring back to shape - even after being pressed down or scrunched. So, if you want to protect our seniors skin with the best microspring textile on the market today - DermaSaver works.

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